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19th June 2020

National Public Services Day Giveaway

As a thank you from Sweetcombe to the hard-working key workers throughout the UK’s Covid-19 pandemic, we have launched another giveaway to encourage people to nominate deserving key workers to win a stay at one of our fabulous properties! We want to celebrate the contribution all our key workers have made from firefighters, teachers, refuse collectors and administrators we want to say thank you and celebrate National Public Services Day on 23rd June 2020.

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4th June 2020

Staycation in Devon

With international travel on hold for the near future, now is the perfect time to plan your UK staycation for when it is safe. Staycations have become increasingly popular in recent years, not only can local holidays cut down on spending and travel time, but they generally make for a more eco-friendly holiday and luckily here in the UK we are not short of natural beauty and diversity, making it the perfect place to explore. So, whether you’re trying to reduce your airmiles or wanting a last-minute holiday in Devon, read on to find out why East-Devon makes for the perfect self-catering holiday.

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13th May 2020

History of Devon

Devon is known for many things from its beautiful coastline, warm climate and delicious fresh cuisine, making it the perfect holiday destination to explore and enjoy. If you want to know more about your upcoming holiday destination and some fun facts about Devon, read on.

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23rd April 2020

NHS Giveaways

As a thank you from Sweetcombe to the hard-working NHS staff throughout the UK’s Covid-19 pandemic, we have launched a giveaway to encourage people to nominate a deserving NHS member to win a stay at one of our fabulous properties!

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15th April 2020

Top Restaurants in Devon

Devon is home to many things, from jaw dropping coastlines to breath taking moorland but one thing that keeps people coming back time and time again is the mouth-watering food. Holidays are all about spending the important time to relax, explore new destinations and indulge in delicious food and drink. Whether you’re looking for a hearty pub lunch or a fine dining experience, eating out in Devon has something for everyone. Tease your taste buds and read below for our favourite places to eat in Devon!

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3rd April 2020

Things To Do in Devon

Looking for things to do in Devon? We’ve done the research for you! As a family of three generations with a range of interests, we love exploring out in East Devon.

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29th February 2020

Our Favourite Pub Walks in Devon

A little bit of information and light reading about walks in East Devon.

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