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Cancellation Scheme

Upon confirmation of your booking, you have entered a legally binding agreement to pay for the cost of your holiday in full. Every year some guests are unfortunately unable to take their holiday due to unforeseen circumstances. We offer our guests peace of mind, with a Cancellation Protection Scheme. Even if you have to cancel at the last minute you will be covered. There is no policy excess and you will get your money back in full (less the scheme fee and an Administration Fee of £50.00 & Booking Fee £37).

Death, illness, injury or compulsory quarantine of you or any member of your travelling party named on the booking or of any relative (spouse, partner, child, parent, parent in law, brother or sister. Close business associate (Co-Director or Business Partner). A valid Doctor’s certificate will be required.
Public Transport delays of twelve hours or more due to strike, industrial dispute, or civil commotion on which you rely to reach your holiday home. Tickets required as proof of claim.
You or any member of your travelling party named on the booking form being required to undertake jury service or appear as a witness at a court of law – providing you have had your written request for an alternative date refused.
Police requiring the presence of you or any member of your travelling party named on the booking form following fire or theft at your home or place of business.
You or any member of your travelling party receiving notification of redundancy within two months of the holiday start date, which qualifies for statutory payment under current legislation.

Bookings for guests resident outside the U.K.
Any recurring, chronic or continuing illness or condition and pre-existing medical conditions or injuries. Suicide or attempted suicide. Drug addiction or alcoholism. Failing to follow medical advice. Certain hazardous sports. Travelling against medical advice.
Divorce, separation or personal relationship breakdown.
Pregnancy or giving birth when the expected date of birth is within two months of the start of your holiday.
Epidemic or pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation, Department of Health or DEFRA.
People Aged over 80 years old.

The cost of cover is 6% of the cost of the holiday. 

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your holiday please contact Sweetcombe Cottage Holidays; we will also require written confirmation within five days.

If the reason you are cancelling is covered under the cancellation scheme we will require supporting documentation, depending on the nature of the cancellation.

*If the reason you are cancelling is not covered by the scheme, the cost of the holiday must be paid in full. We will, of course do our best to re-let the accommodation on your behalf; if this were successful we would refund the cost of your holiday less a £50.00 administration fee.

If you are cancelling before your balance is due – Please note you will still be liable to pay the balance in full on the due date.

Refund of the cottage rental is at the discretion of Sweetcombe Cottage Holidays LTD, The decision of the Agency is final in all cases.